• Please follow the how to handle rabbits instruction directed by staff.
  • Do not open bottom cages because they have a fight when they see another rabbits.
  • Do not hold a bunnies.They doesn’t like be hold.Please just patting.
  • You can take pictures without flash.
  • If you are allergic to animals, please follow the doctor’s instruction.
    *We are not responsible for your allergic reactions.
  • Please sanitize your hands when you get-in, and get out of the café.
  • We are not responsible for any injury, or mess on your clothes caused by rabbits.
  • If you add hazard for rabbits, we demand treatment costs.
  • Please be responsible for the time management while staying the café.
  • You can bring food but feeding them to rabbits are prohibited.


  • 必ずご予約をお願いします。その際「うさぎさん同伴orグルーミング、ペットホテルご利用等」の旨をお伝えください。
  • ほかのうさぎさんとの喧嘩、怪我、トラブルにつきましては当店では責任を負いかねます。かならずの飼い主様同士でご同意の上ご利用ください。


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池袋うさぎカフェ うさびび